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KeDoRi Pro

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    7.x or more
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    KeDoRi Pro cydia tweak detects the language of the text you are writing and automatically switches the keyboard with the right one (if the keyboard for that language is enabled).

    I think that’s the way iOS should manage multiple keyboard languages. I usually write both in italian and english and if I don’t remember to choose the right keyboard the autocorrection will change all my words…

    Differences of the PRO version:

    1. Choose the default keyboard to use when you start to write
    2. Number of characters to consider, few characters can make the language recognizer imprecise, too many can slow down.
    3. Minimum Length of the text, to avoid the recognizer to switch languages based on few character (as said few characters can make the language recognizer imprecise) example: value = 10, will start the recognizer after you type 10 characters.
    4. You can set a string that will switch to the emoji keyboard, example: value=”=)” when you will type =) the emoji keyboard will be activated
    5. Don’t switch while using emoji: if setted to YES while you use the emoji keyboard the keyboard won’t switch to other languages, if setted to NO the last recognized language’s keyboard will return after you type an emoji.

    Compatible with iPhone and iPad

    Configure options from Settings.

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