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JellyLock (Beta)

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    3.x or more
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    JellyLock is an awesome lock screen replacement. Give your iPhone the Android Jellybean lock screen, which features a lock that you can drag to the edge of a circle to unlock your device.

    Features: (nearly all of them are optional)

    • add up to 6 app shortcuts
    • badges represent missed notificiations
    • access Siri or Google with a simple gesture
    • Winterboard support
    • Customization: you can change
    • the color of the circle and the label
    • the size of the icons, the circle and the lock
    • the transparency of the whole pattern
    • the position of the pattern on the screen

    Configure JellyLock from the Settings app.

      Known issues:

    • iPad is not supported yet
    • compatibility issues with CallBar
    • app shortcuts won’t launch when an alphanumeric pass code is set
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