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    iTracker is the world’s most advanced anti-stolen and tracking app for iPhone. It has many powerful and amazing features.

    iTracker cydia tweak features

    • Get the phone number of the thief after the loss of iPhone
    • Get the precise location of iPhone anytime and anywhere on earth
    • Real-time and historically track the path of movement
    • Take HD photo for the thief and send back
    • Start the smart auto-camera, capture the portrait of the thief when he slide and unlock iPhone
    • Hide your personal info (SMS, Contacts, Photos, Videos) when iPhone lost
    • Powerful Remote-Control Features
      • Take photo of the thief
      • Capture screen and upload to server
      • Send back SMS contain the current location info
      • Forward all of the SMS of the thief to another mobile
      • Reboot or power off the iPhone
      • Hide all of the SMS and Contacts
      • Force iPhone to play alarm sound

    iTracker let the thief has no place to hide. With careful use of iTracker you will have good chance of recovering your lost iPhone, and you will keep your individual information out of revelation.
    In real life, thieves could be anywhere, one’s mobile may be stolen too suddenly to be guarded against. Using iTracker will make your iPhone be protected by the most globally advanced anti-stolen technology.

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