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iRetiner GUI

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    4.0 or higher
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    Add retina display icons to unoptimized App Store apps in one click!
    This app is very simple to use : to adapt icons to RD, simply click the “Adapt icons to retina display” button and to revert them, simply click the “Revert to original icons” button. You can also choose the action to do when iRetiner adapted all your apps.
    Refresh : Quit the app and refresh like installous/cydia/appstore.
    Respring : Restart your SpringBoard without rebooting.
    If some of your apps are not adapted, this is sometimes the fault of the developer that did not adapted his app correctly to RD, to adapt theses apps, just go to Options>Repair non-HD apps and do a “Select all” then “Repair”. iRetiner should now prompt you with the action you choosed at the first screen.

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