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iPod 720p HD Camera

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    iOS Version
    4.x or higher
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    Requires iPod 4th-generation

    iPod 720p HD Camera is a camera app base on Apple’s AVCam sample. It enables iPod touch with camera to take photo with 1280×960 resolution. Other features include:
    -takes picture while recording video
    -switch camera (front camera resolution: 640×480)

    Notice: this app only tested on iPod touch with camera.

    touch anywhere of the preview or the “Photo” button to take a photo. The photo will save to photo album as original Photo app.
    touch preview area to select exposure metering point

    Categories: Free Tweak, Utilities

    One response to “iPod 720p HD Camera”

    1. MegaQ71P says:

      So far I only see version 1.122-1 when I searched up this tweak app. I tried to install it, but it kept having a size mismatch error. Is the author name Billy Chen?

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