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IPA Installer Console

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    Install IPA(s) from the command line.

    Main functions:
    – Use the native method to install ipa.
    – Support batch installation.
    – Disallow downgrade by default.
    – Auto-recover IPA(s) with documents and preferences embedded in Container directory. – Allow to remove iTunesMetadata.plist to bypass update checking.
    – Force installation mode allows to install IPA on unsupported devices and systems, such as install iPad only app on iPhone or iPod touch, or install apps on AppleTV.

    -a: Show about information.
    -c: Clean installation. This will clear all existing documents and preferences. This will not recover embedded saved backups.
    -d: Delete the IPA file after installation.
    -f: Force installation, regardless of device, system and capabilities.
    -h: Show help.
    -n: Do not recover embedded saved backups (default is to recover).
    -q: Quiet mode, will not show install progress except errors.
    -Q: Quieter mode, will show nothing including errors.
    -r: Remove iTunesMetada.plist after installation.

    · ipainstaller
    · installipa (Identical to ipainstaller)
    · installipa.sh (Old script method, may be slow, some parameters are unsupported.)

    Source code available upon request.

    This is a console utility accessed from the command-line only.

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