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iOS 7 WeatherLock

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    iOS 7 WeatherLock it`s a beautiful Yahoo themed OEM lockscreen widget hat compliments iOS7 design.

    Many enhancements including option to add effects to your very own lockscreen wallpaper.

    Options within theme menu to add blur, frosted glass, or tint effects to your wallpaper.

    Or choose day and night wallpaper and add effects to those or any combination.

    Unique touch feature will enhance the transition when you swipe to unlock.

    Any of these features are easily changed by the user when adding the theme, no need to respring.

    User wallpaper is set in Apples own settings/wallpaper menu. Furthermore, you can even hide the weather if you just want to theme your locksceen wallpaper with cool effects.

    Uses Widget Weather so all weather data is GPS enabled and updates when you change locations.

    Please make sure to download Widget weather for location handeling and LockHTML3 to run the theme.

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