iOS 7 Jailbreak “survival guide”

There are plenty of cydia tweaks released everyday and if you just jailbroke your iPhone and don`t have any idea what tweaks you should install right now, here`s our iOS 7 Jailbreak “survival guide”.

Ask To Send is something that Apple should`ve made default in iOS 7. I can`t count how many times I accidentally sent an SMS without finishing it. This tweaks adds a confirmation pop up that asks you if the message or e-mail should be sent.

If you have an iPhone 5S, you should definitely look into TOUCH ID cydia tweaks. There are a bunch of them right now and if you ask me, all worth it. The free cydia tweak is called AppLocker and using it you can lock apps, folders, home screen and more.
BioProtect is another great tweak ($2.99) that offers the same thing. It`s more about details here and we could not ignore the fact that the tweak design is gorgeous.
BioLockdown is Ryan Petrich`s little baby ($1.99) and comes with little extra features.
It`s hard to decide which one fits you best, but if you don`t really want to spend money on this, AppLocker is the winner.
Of course, if you don`t have an iPhone 5S but you still care about your privacy, another great alternative is Lockdown Pro iOS 7, which lets you decide what apps should ask for password before opening. Another great add on is that using Lockdown Pro iOS 7 you can also hide apps to be displayed on the homescreen.

Barrel is one of the most popular cydia tweaks out there! Using it, you can have cool effects when scrolling through the homescreen. It`s $2.99 but worths every cent.

When it comes to usability, CCControl is one of our favorite cydia tweaks! Using it, you can quickly access custom toggles in Control Center. I know there are plenty of cydia tweaks that do the same thing, but this one comes with themes and the ability to create them (if you feel like)! It`s great to decide how your iPhone looks.

If you are tired of the same basic SMS or iMessage bubbles, Messages Customiser comes to save you! It`s really easy to customize the bubbles and make your iDevice more personal. Also, it`s free to download.

Using Bigify you can easily get rid of icon labels and have a really great looking home screen. You can`t have all the good stuff that Bigify had, but developers said that an update should hit cydia pretty soon.

A lot of people are really missing the share widget from the notification center and guess what? Share Widget for iOS 7 brings it back to life in your iOS 7 notification center. And it`s free.

customLS cydia tweak lets you change the “slide to unlock” text from the lockscreen. You can also add another line there. It`s not something that I`ll do, because I like to keep the “Apple style” but a lot of people actually enjoy this. So go check it out if you are into it. It`s free.

The last cydia tweak in our iOS 7 jailbreak “survival guide” is HiddenSettings7. This activates the internal Springboard settings that Apple uses to customize your device. You have a bunch of different settings to play with and if you are an iDevice maniac, this one should keep you busy a while. It`s free and worths a try.

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