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InvertColors SBSettings Toggle

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    iOS Version
    5.x or more
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    Trigger device screen’s Inverted colors mode for sight-impared (and it looks cool)
    No new icons will be added to your homescreen, and there are no settings to configure.

    • coy

      warning!! a lot of people including me installed dreamboard and it won’t let you install other things in cydia and uninstall also, so use it at your own risk!! ;) just saying!

    • ItsMe_IsThatYou

      iBlacklist works perfectly for me. It stops ALL the telemarketers from ringing through and pestering the hell out of me. You can also restrict all calls from a specific area code if you choose to by adding an asterisk after the area code (210*). It also allows you to restrict calls from unknown numbers and numbers with no caller ID info. VERY GOOD app!!