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    Frustrated trying to figure out how to save Instagram Photos to your device? Worry no more, Instahancer seemlessly add’s this ability, as if it came by default. Simply Tap+Hold on a photo you would like to save and be presented with several Save options; To Camera or Instagram Roll(s), Attach to Email, Copy Image to your clipboard, or even Copy the direct link itself! Instahancer also let’s you zoom on Images, Tap+Hold on an image and select the “Zoom” option. You’ll be presented with a new view with a higher resolution Image that you can zoom on and see photos in greater detail. Another feature Instahancer bestows upon you is the ability to Save Caption Drafts. Tired of copying your caption, going back just to paste it again? Use Instahancer Save Draft feature to keep your caption in memory for when you do decide to do that post, it’ll automatically pre-fill it for you! Instahancer preferences can be found in Settings, you can choose what album you want to save in and also disable/enable the Save Draft feature.

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