Infusing life into cartridges with dried ink

There aren’t many things as irritating as waiting in front of the printer, listening to all the horrible sounds coming out of it, and then observing that the page coming out of the printing panel is absolutely chaotic, with faded printing! There are many issues that can lead to improper printing, and the clogging of fried ink inside the cartridge is easily among the more regular ones. With some basic knowledge about troubleshooting such problems, you can ensure that you are better able to manage your way with those last minute prints without having to call the guys from the facilities management team.

The apparatus – You’ll need some stuff to execute this ink cartridge repair process. A saucer, some warm water, cotton cloth, ear buds, and some isopropyl alcohol – that’s pretty much the complete kit required. It might be a good idea for you to find out whether the cartridges you’re trying to repair have the ink tank and the print head on the same package, as the tips we’re about to share work on such cartridges.

The simple cleaning job – You could get those cartridges working fine within a couple of minutes with this simple trick. Just take the cartridge out of the printer, and turn it towards the nozzle area. There’s every chance that you’ll see some ink spots around the nozzle area. It could very well be the case that ink would have dried around the nozzle, thus impeding the contact of ink with paper. Now, take a bud and gently clean the dirty area. Now, take the other bud, and slightly bring it in contact with the warm water, ensuring that it doesn’t absorb much of it. Now, do the same with isopropyl alcohol. Remember, you only need a damp bud, not a wet bud! Gently clean the nozzle, ensuring that you don’t apply much pressure. If you hold the bud and stroke it too firmly, then you could push the dried ink granules into the nozzle, thus aggravating the problem! Once the cleaning is done, plug the cartridge back in place, and see if the printing improves. Printing problems caused by dry ink clogging are easily resolved using this technique.

The detailed cleaning job – If the above method did not work for you, then here’s something that will certainly help. Take the cartridge out of the printer. Pour some warm water in a saucer. Now, you have to place the ink cartridge in the warm water, taking care that only the nozzle area comes in contact with the water. If you put the entire cartridge in the warm water, there’s every chance that the circuitry will get short circuited and hence destroyed. After you’ve kept the nozzle area in contact with warm water for a couple of hours, you would see the water being colored in brilliant colors, because of the coming loose of the dried ink clogs from the nozzle and its insides. That’s it, plug the cartridge back in place and enjoy your printing.

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