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    When you want to text someone initiatively, or reply to someone right after receiving his/her message/call, most of the time you don’t have to know the whole conversation between you two, you’ve already got enough context. But Apple does just the opposite by bringing you to the conversation every single time you text someone, and it’s a waste of time.

    ImmediateSend enables you to send SMS/iMessage immediately in Lock Screen/Notification Center/ Banner/Alert/Contacts /MobilePhone, without having to open the SMS app and wait until it fully launches. This tweak auto detects if the address you’re texting to can receive iMessage and shows you two different kinds of reply dialogs according to that. After writing back, the message will be marked as read, so it won’t disturb anymore. Another important feature is that when you text a person from Contacts/MobilePhone, you can choose to send an SMS or iMessage. In one word, ImmediateSend makes it faster for you to send/reply a message, saving you a lot of time in total. There’re tons of wonderful things to enjoy in this formerly wasted but currently saved time, right?

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