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I’m Busy SMS

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    4.x or higher
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    With “I’m Busy SMS” you can decline an incoming call and send a predefined SMS text message to the caller with a single finger slide.

    Have you ever been in a meeting or another situation that did not allow you answer an incoming call? But you wanted the caller to let know that you will call back as soon as possible? With “I’m Busy SMS” this is finally possible. Define your message text in the device settings. If there’s an incoming call simply slide the button and the call gets declined and your message is sent to the caller with an SMS text message. Please note that the caller may be redirected to Voice Mail by declining the call. An accoustic signal confirms the sending of the message.

    Costs for sending SMS text messages may apply, according to your price plan.

    No new icons will be added to your home screen. You can configure options from your Settings app.

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    3 responses to “I’m Busy SMS”

    1. Marco says:

      Today I installed the last version (1.7-1) but unfortunately on my iPhone 4 with jailbroked 5.01 firmware it doesn’t works.

      I tried to uninstall the program few times with the manual remove of “.plist” file, the online the remain after the uninstall procedure, and then I reinstall it but the problem still remain, no slide on the Lock screen and no slide appear even when an incoming call is received.

      Any idea to solve this issue…..????
      I like this App I hope to get it on my iPhone as soon as possible.


    2. Jose says:


      Just a doubt regarding the 4 possible messages that we can define. Is it possible, when we decline a call, to choose which message to send? If possible how can we do this? I’ve introduced a second message but the app will always reply with the last defined message.

      Can someone help me?


      • Marco says:


        you should slide from right to left and the messages will change.
        Just a question which is your firmware version 5.0 or 5.0.1 ?
        Unfortunately on my iPhone 4 with 5.0.1 doesn’t works :( do you have any suggestion to help me ??


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