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iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro

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    iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro cydia tweak Find stolen/lost iPhone by taking photo of the thief and sending them to your Email.

    Play Alert sound and prevent the thief from Powering off the phone, pulling out SIM card or disabling Internet.

    iLostFinder Pro is the best anti-theft tweak every iPhone user should have.

    Features include:

    • Monitor “Power OFF” Event
    • Monitor “Failed Passcode” Event
    • Monitor “Pull OUT SIM” Event
    • Monitor “Disable Internet Events”(WIFI/Data/Airplane mode)
    • Prevent Power OFF
    • Take Photo and send by email on Events
    • Save photo to album
    • Show customized Alert Message on events
    • Hide Cydia and Jailbreak Info.
    • Password protected
    • Play alarm sound loudly on Events

    Sometimes our iPhone may be lost or stolen and we can’t get it back because the thief powered off the iPhone or turned off the Internet (WIFI/2G/3G/4G/Airplane mode on) and Find My iPhone can not work without Internet.

    iLostFinder Pro is an amazing tweak that stops the thief from disabling Internet on the device or powering it off. And you can use Find My iPhone to locate your device.

    If the specific events are detected, iLostFinder Pro also plays alarm sound which can’t be dismissed without password. So that you get more chance to catch the thief when he/she is still nearby.
    Default password is : 1234

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