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    iForward cydia tweaks allows you to sends SMS Calls Voicemail to your e-mail.


    • Forwards received and sent SMS messages along with the sender/receiver address and time of the SMS to a specified email address.
    • Emails are sent directly from the user’s phone to the user’s email account.
    • Sends a notification of received calls and calls made to a specified email address. The email includes the time of the call and the sender/receiver address.
    • Sends a notification of received voicemails to a specified email address including the sender’s address and the time of the message.
    • Includes voicemail audio file as an attachment in the new voicemail notification email.
    • Supports sending information encrypted via SSL for data privacy.
    • Good for keeping track of your phone in case it gets in the wrong hands.
    • Good for setting up alerts on your email account when getting a new call, SMS or voicemail.
    • Its ok if you leave your phone at home, iForward.

    Use of iForward requires you have a data plan or Internet connectivity. You must provide connection details for your own e-mail account.
    Configure options from Settings app.

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