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    iFinder is an iOS application which was designed to provide a fully-featured file manager for iOS.

    iFinder cydia tweak features

    • Root access, support for the entire iOS filesystem
    • Creation, deletion, renaming, moving, copying of files and directories
    • Compressing directories into gzipped tar files
    • SQL databases, Apple Property List (.plist) files, audio files, video files, binary files (using hex editor), compressed/archive files (zip, tar, gz, tar.gz, tar.bz2) etc.
    • Showing installed AppStore © app names in ~/Applications
    • Viewing and modifying several file properties, including name, MIME-type (readonly), MD5 hash (readonly), filesize (readonly), Unix CHMOD file mode, file owner, file group
    • Full-featured Dropbox integration: Download, Upload and also manage files in Dropbox.
    • HTTP file sharing via local Wi-Fi network – downloading files from anywhere (and will be able to upload in few time)
    • Password protection for app startup
    • Sending files as attachments via e-mail
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