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    iDrunk cydia tweak is a self Driving Under the Influence test which will warn you not to drive a car after drinking alcoholic beverages.

    Use iDrunk to test your self:

    1. launch iDrunk App and allow iDrunk app to get your current location.
    2. Setup Emergency Contact and Predefine sms text and press SAVE.
    3. Hold your iPhone in front of you.
    4. Aim the cross to a distant location.
    5. Press the Start button and wait to GO signal.
    6. Walk 25 meters a straight line and avoid swaying, sliding, tilting or falling.
    7. if you PASS the test you may be not too drunk.
    8. if you did not PASS the test press the CALL or SMS button immediately, it’s seems you are too drunk to drive!

    Driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages is at your own risk and responsibility.
    Passing iDrunk test does not mean you are able to drive, Use iDrunk App for estimation only.
    iDrunk Developer is not responsible for any damages caused by using iDrunk App at any circumstances.

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