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iDiscrete JB

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    iDiscrete JB is the Cydia version of our popular App Store app iDiscrete. As you know, apps in Cydia don’t have to conform to Apple’s ridiculous rules, so as a result JB has some awesome features (listed below) that the regular version could never have. But first, let me tell you what the app does… This is the App Store description:

    You can think of iDiscrete as a digital safe, where you can securely store all your private pictures, videos, notes and more. Rather than requiring a suspicious looking password or PIN to enter the app, iDiscrete uses its patented Touch Sequence Protection™. This works by bringing up a fake “Loading” screen upon entry to the application. An unauthorized user will think the app is really loading, but the device owner knows that this is actually the password screen. A series of taps in the correct places (the “Touch Sequence”) will open up the app. Doing nothing will boot to a dummy app. This unique feature, combined with an application icon and name that do not give away its functionality, mean that an unauthorized user would NEVER suspect the true nature of the app.

    The App Store version is great, but there were two things we wanted to add that Apple wouldn’t allow. Thus, iDiscrete JB was born. The features Apple won’t let you have are:

    1) App Vault – This is exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to move entire apps into iDiscrete and completely remove them from the springboard. They won’t even appear in your recent apps list! The only way to access apps in the App Vault is through iDiscrete.

    2) Hide Behind – We think Hide Behind is the most foolproof possible way to hide an app like iDiscrete from prying eyes. It is the ULTIMATE in privacy and security on your iPhone. The way it works is by completely removing iDiscrete from the springboard, and instead hiding it “behind” an existing app. The next time you open that particular app, you will see a black screen with a small loading circle in the middle. This makes it look like the app is loading, but really this is where you input your Touch Sequence. If the correct Touch Sequence is entered before a specified number of seconds, then iDiscrete will open. If not, then the app that iDiscrete is hiding behind will load like normal. So, an unauthorized user who happens to launch the app would simply think that it took a few seconds to load, and then opened up. There is absolutely NO way that someone could stumble upon iDiscrete when it is hidden this way.

    We think that we’ve created the best iOS privacy app out there, and we invite you to try it out and see what you think! We love hearing from real users, so if you have questions, suggestions, comments or concerns drop us an email at support@iDiscrete.com.

    iDiscrete JB is compatible with iPhone 3GS and newer, iOS 4 and newer.

    As always, MAKE SURE AND BACKUP ANY DATA THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE PRIOR TO UPDATING ANY JB APP! This update SHOULDN’T delete your content, but things can always go wrong, so don’t risk it!

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