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Iconoclasm Layout Maker

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    iOS Version
    4.3 or higher
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    To set custom X and Y, hold the icon down without moving it for a second then typing the coordinates
    To reset icons, just hold the trash icon for roughly 1 second then click reset
    Change Icon Feature is fast and simple! It checks through the theme for any icon and displays it easily for you to choose!

    Now Compatible With iPad!! For those of you who don’t know how or just don’t WANT to go through the hassle of making iconoclasm layouts. This app is for you! it features a very easy to use interface where you simply drag the icons around the screen and hit save! You can even delete and even existing Layouts that you made easily so you don’t have a bunch of test or unwanted Layouts! Install Now!! Note. i didn’t leave Iconoclasm as a dependency because it costs money! Make sure to download it!

    Before, the layout viewer supported the layouts that included: Origins, Origins-iPad, Rows, Cols. Now as of version 1.5, it also has Rows-iPad, Cols-iPad, Origins-iPad-Landscape, Rows-iPad-Landscape and Cols-iPad-Landscape!!

    Also, you are allowed UNLIMITED icons now! So DO NOT complain if the app crashes on an iPod Touch or something when you have 1000 icons!

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