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    Personalize your iPhone and iPod touch with incredible ease and speed. Never before has installing and customizing themes been this simple.
    Preview how a theme will actually look on your device before you even install it, and view any previously installed and customized themes without respringing
    When you install a theme, IconHarvester downloads any available icons for your installed apps; no more tedious searching and installing icons for each of your apps one by one.

    Often a theme will come with more than one icon for an app. Instead of manually renaming files to switch between alternates, IconHarvester lets you just slide them into place.

    If a themed icon for an app can’t be found, IconHarvester will create one by combining the app’s original icon and special template images included with many popular themes.

    IconHarvester cydia tweak features

    • Live previews of available and installed themes. No respringing until you apply one.
    • Ludicrously fast alternate icon switching.
    • Installs only the icons you need for the apps you have.
    • Automatically creates missing icons from templates included in many themes. For Cydia apps too.
    • Search through all of your themes by title or artist.
    • Uses the powerful WinterBoard theming system.
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