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    IconBundles cydia tweak is an add-on to WinterBoard, allowing you to theme app icons without being dependent on the filenames within apps themselves.

    For example, rather than using Bundles/ com.apple.mobilemail/icon@2x.png in your WinterBoard theme, you can use IconBundles/ com.apple.mobilemail@2x.png.

    When themes adapt this strategy, it saves them from breaking when icon filenames change over time (such as through system updates or App Store updates).

    To use, create a new folder in your theme called IconBundles, and insert images named {app bundle identifier}.png.

    Options in the filename:
    – Add ~ipad to theme icons on iPad.
    – Add @2x to theme icons on Retina display devices.

    The options must be in the filename in the order listed above. In addition, the filename is case sensitive.

    No options to configure.

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