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    Have you ever wanted to make a backup of your data, but iTunes wasn’t around or iCloud was down? Then iBye is the application for all your data needs. iBye will backup your data to an FTP server of your choice, and restore it as well. iBye also supports Dropbox and local; more coming soon.
    If you do not want to use any of those methods, you can use iBye’s built in web server to download and upload your iBye files.
    Removing data can be scary, and if you feel removing any data is not the way to go then how about locking the deletion of that data? iBye can lock the deletion of data from happening!
    iBye supports Cydia, AppStore, Notes, Mail, Safari , Photos, Calendar, Contacts, Messages, and Phone.
    Please request more items for backups.
    iBye’s connection supports EDGE, 3G, LTE, and WiFi.

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