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    This tweak allow you to show your quick information. Use gestures and more right from the HUD window

    Read more about it: Ever wanted to see how many battery you have but you was in a game and you don’t want to shop and pull down the NC?! Wanted to see what’s the wifi name that you are connected right now? Or just to see the time?

    HUD pro is the tweak for you it allow you to show your information right on the HUD window. There are two lines that you can choose two functions Like the time and the battery Or just what you want to choose There are also option to enable/disable those lines

    Other option in this tweak is also to enable/disable the background of the HUD window

    There are also option to chose the progress precent you want Like if the precent is 20% it’s will be up/down 20% every time you do the volume up or down

    There are also gestures for this tweak with function to: Lock, Unlock, Play and puse music, Next song, Pervious song, Show lyric of the song, To do new mail, To do new SMS, And it’s great like if you are in a game and you want quickly turn on music or just to write a new mail it’s a great function. You can choose for each gesture what you want it will do!!

    Another option is the slider option

    You can show slider on the HUD that if you want to quick turn on the music you just quick scroll it down!

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