How to get In-App purchases for free on iOS7

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to get in-app purchases for free on iOS 6 and iOS 7.

8 responses to “How to get In-App purchases for free on iOS7”

  1. Siriston says:

    this didnt work for me…

  2. David Eugene says:

    I try adding the source but it keeps saying request time out

  3. Jack-Jack says:

    I added the source, installed the icon package and then the tweak but it would not work on any of my games I have installed. I even have TR Oz and nothing happened when I tried to purchase gems, just like you did.
    Does it only work with installed pirated games or AppStore installed games?
    It also says in the description of the tweak on Cydia that DNS is needed. Is this something I’m missing or not? Also what does it mean I need DNS for it to work?
    Which iDevices does it work on, iPhone 4? 4S? 5? 5C? 5S?
    It seems to not be working for anybody bar yourself. I’ve seen the comments on here and also your YouTube video comments and nobody has said it works.
    What is it that the rest of us are doing wrong? Why is it only working for you in your video?

    • Jack-Jack says:

      Excellent vids by the way. Just this one has me and everyone else I know and in the comments, confused about “this” vid and why it doesn’t work for us. I follow you on twitter and read all the relevant tweaks that interest me. I really like the “Download: Click Here” box/link :-)

    • Make sure you enable the tweak in settings. I forgot to add that in the video and I`m pretty sure it comes disabled when installing.

  4. Chris says:

    I tried and it doesn’t work on ultimate guitar tab iap

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