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    HomescreenDesigner cydia tweak is the best new icon manager for your iOS device.

    No more hours of searching through YouTube, or Cydia for a decent layout. No more spending hours, even days, making layouts to upload and dealing with that pesky property list. Homescreen Designer is the full package.

    With Homescreen Designer, you can create, save AND apply layouts to your home screen, without even a respring! It takes minutes, even seconds, to design a very nice, symmetrical, layout that suits you. The hundreds of features allow you to easily make simple grid layouts, as well as nice free-form and pattern layouts.

    Not feeling creative? No problem! There’s an “Uploaded” portion of the app where thousands of people share their layouts.
    If you know of “Iconoclasm Layout Maker” (I made it :P), you know how amazingly easy and fun it is to create layouts. Now, the experience has been completely revamped, re-written from the ground up! Not even a single piece of code has been re-used!

    After you’ve finished designing your masterpiece, its just a simple tap and the layout is live on your homescreen! It’s that simple.
    You can set the layout to all pages, or mix it up having a different layout on each page!

    Although it would be almost impossible to cover them all, here are some of the main features.


    • Easy quick drag and drop interface to manage icons in the layout. * The layout maker includes a lot of time-saving features, such as swapping 2 icons, deleting any icon (they will manage the ordering themselves) and settings exact coordinates if you don’t just your judgement.
    • Amazing new grid feature that can be moved and resized, perfect for creating simple layouts, and complicated patterns.
    • Upload and share layouts as well as download layouts from other users!
    • Easily modify existing layouts, just tap “View / Modify” in the layout manager and you can tweak existing layouts.
    • Themes: When designing a layout, you can choose your favourite winter board theme and set the background and icon image! You can also choose from your photo library / camera.
    • Per Page Layout Support! A different layout can be set to every page.
    • iPad: Orientation support!
    • Placeholder Icons: When aligning icons on the home screen, you can enable the placeholder feature to show exactly what your layout should look like.
    • No respring required! Just apply layouts and they will update automatically.

    Options can be configured from the Settings app

    Themes must be installed to use

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