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Homescreen Contacts

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    iOS Version
    5.0 and 5.1.1
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    This is one feature you will love to see in IOS. Add your favorite friends and loved ones right on your home screen.
    With this tweak you don’t need to open any app when you want to communicating with (Call Message Mail..) your friends. And Now you are just one tap away from them. And it is great to see their picture just on home screen.

    When you select special person in Contacts App, a button ‘Add to Home Screen’ will be shown at the bottom of the page. After you add one, a special contact icon will be added to you home screen. You open it just like a folder, then you can make calls, send message, visit personal homepage, open address with maps, almost everything you can do in Contacts App.

    What is more,when you modify your friends photos, you can update the icons in settings without add them again.

    Configure options in Settings app.

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