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HideMe7 Lite

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    HideMe7 Lite cydia tweak is a one-stop-shop for hiding UI elements without the need to have half a dozen different tweaks installed.

    HideMe7 comes with a new preference panel which makes it easy to quickly disable/re-enable many different UI elements which you may or may not find annoying.

    HideMe7 Lite includes a limited amount of features included in the full version of HideMe7. For all available options and feature request support, consider purchasing HideMe7.

    HideMe7 Lite


    • Hide Camera Grabber
    • Hide Control Center Grabber
    • Hide Date
    • Hide NC Grabber
    • Hide Percent Charged Text


    • Hide Icon Badges
    • Hide Icon Labels
    • Hide Open Folder Background
    • Hide Dock Background
    • Disable Icon Jitter
    • Hide Page Dots
    • Hide Screenshot Flash

    Status Bar

    • Activity Icon
    • Airplane Icon
    • Airplay Icon
    • Alarm Icon
    • Assistant Icon
    • Battery Icon
    • Batter Icon & Percent
    • Bluetooth Icon
    • Bluetooth Battery Icon
    • Call Forward
    • Carrier
    • Clock
    • Data Networks
    • Do Not Disturb
    • No Service/Searching
    • Location Services
    • Rotation Icon
    • Signal Dots
    • Tethering Icon
    • Thermal Icon
    • VPN Icon
    • TTY Icon

    Control Center

    • Hide Airplay Section
    • Hide Brightness Section
    • Hide Media Controls Section
    • Hide Quick Launch Section
    • Hide Separator Lines
    • Hide Settings Section
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    One response to “HideMe7 Lite”

    1. Koko says:

      Needs trickling charge options

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