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Grand Theft Auto 3 Hacks

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    iOS Version
    4.3 or more
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    Grand Theft Auto 3 Hacks cydia tweak is a collection of hacks for GTA 3

    Features Included:

    • Police don’t arrest you
    • Lots of Money (just explode a Car to get lots of Cash)
    • No Damage
    • Infinite Sprint
    • Infinite Ammo
    • Wanted Level Chooser (lets you choose your wanted level, you can adjust it while playing)
    • Cars don’t explode
    • No Rain
    • No Car Damage
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    One response to “Grand Theft Auto 3 Hacks”

    1. Courtney Macfarlane says:

      I’m having trouble finding my “bytafont2” App on iOS8.. Even though I have it installed with around 10 fonts. Any idea where I’ve gone wrong?

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