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    Googiri – Use Google’s awesome speech-to-text results with Siri.

    In normal operation, prepend any query with “hey Siri” or “Siri”, and the query will automatically be routed to Siri.

    An example: “hey Siri remind me to take out the trash in an hour” will open up Siri and ask you to confirm the already generated reminder for one hour from now. All normal Siri functions are accessible.

    In “Send All to Siri” mode (configurable via settings), Siri will be the default results engine. You can forcibly route a query to Google by prepending your query with “Google”, “Google for”, “search”, search for”, or “hey Google”.

    I suggest using NowNow to set Google Search as the long press home button action.

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    One response to “Googiri”

    1. Tim says:

      Where can I find the widget folder in iFile?

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