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Fleksy Enabler

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    Fleksy Enabler cydia tweak enables Fleksy keyboard for a configurable list of apps, including Apple apps like: Reminders, Messages, Safari as well as App-store apps like: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

    Instructions on how to enable the integration for more apps are in: /Library/MobileSubstrate/ DynamicLibraries/FleksyEnabler.plist

    The above apps were tested to work well with Fleksy on my iPhone 5s and iPhone-Mini (1st gen.) You mileage may vary.

    For those of you who would like to support my work, please visit my web-site (linked below)

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    One response to “Fleksy Enabler”

    1. XCaptainChris says:

      Not working at all for me…

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