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    FindMyDevice cydia tweak provides remote activate features through Apple’s FMI.

    When you lose your device or it’s stolen, the first thing you want to do is to locate the device, so what you should do?

    You enter www.icloud.com and enter Find My iPhone to locate your lost/stolen device.

    Usually it won’t help you, because the thief will power off your device, or the location services are off (because you’ve turned it off in order to save battery power or the thief will turn them off).


    • Protect the power off slider with your own password.
    • Protect SIM card replacement
    • Turn the location services on.
    • Enable/Disable notifications center.
    • Enable/Disable SpotLight/Search.
    • Show/Hide applications.
    • If the location services are switched off manually, they will be switched to ON automatically.

    This way you will increase the chances to locate your device when it’s lost or stolen.

    In order to disable LockDown mode, you can do the following operations:
    Enter the FindMyDevice settings and choose “ Release LockDown “ button.
    Enter the correct password during Power Off. (during LOCKDOWN mode the device will not power off).

    A regular ‘Play Sound’ operation will occur if your device is already in LockMode (the first ‘Play Sound’ will start a LockMode, from the next ‘Play Sound’ a regular ‘Play Sound’ will be operational.

    You MUST refresh icould.com to locate your device.

    This tweak is not a replacement to Apple’s Find My iPhone, its purpose is to add more options to Apple’s Find My iPhone and help the device owner to gain more time to find the device. We are not guarantee that you will find the device!

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    One response to “FindMyDevice”

    1. Ashish Maheshwari says:

      how do i reset the password for findmydevice tweak? i am entering my password but it shows wrong password :(

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