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Find My Friends Location Spoofer

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    Find My Friends Location Spoofer cydia tweak lets your unjailbroken friends see your correct location. Fixes location shift in China.

    This tweak was previously released as “Find My Friends China Location Patch“. Now it supports location spoofing. Location shift fix for mainland China is automatically applied. Your un-jailbroken friends can see your correct/spoofed location without shift issue.

    No background process running. It patches FindMyFriends.app and aosnotifyd directly.

    You need to restart BOTH findMyFrineds.app and aosnotifyd for it to take effect. Restarting your phone is probably easier if you don’t know how to do it from terminal.

    I have a blog post about how it works: blog post

    It’s completely open source. You can find the source on Github

    Configure options from Settings.

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