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    Feedback cydia tweak enables remote-control style sound effects when controlling audio playback on iOS.

    Different sound effects are utilized for different commands, such as for moving to the previous track, toggling playback, skipping to the next track, fast forwarding and rewinding.

    A number of options for customization are offered, as follows:

    • Integration with Activator-driven track changing and third-party extensions including Auxo 3, Auxo 3 Legacy, Spin and Convergance.
    • Integration with AirPlay;
    • Forcing feedback to only play when headphones are connected;
    • Haptic feedback in addition to the existing audio feedback;
    • Snoozing feedback for selected applications;
    • The ability to modify the default feedback sound effects to effects of your choice.

    The basic Settings panel is illustrated in the screenshots below. A Help toggle is implemented which may be used to provide further information regarding each setting.

    Feedback is not compatible with headphone-controls at present – this functionality will become available in a subsequent update.

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