Features likely inspired by Cydia tweaks in the iOS 8

The new iPhone has arrived, along with a shiny new version of Apple’s operating system. Nothing new there – Apple does this every year, when it launches a new iPhone model. But this time some of the new features introduced into the latest version of the OS look familiar, and not only from its competitors’ phones, but possibly from the list of Cydia tweaks people appreciated until now.

One of the strongly publicized features of the new iPhone was its capability to predict what a user might be willing to write when creating a new iMessage, SMS or email. This feature was introduced to Android phones long ago, and was available for iPhone users as well by using the Predictive Keyboard Cydia tweak.

PredictiveKeyboard – a tweak that can be purchased for $2.39 online – has the ability to offer users next word predictions and error correction while they type, automatically learn new words, and integrate seamlessly into the default iOS keyboard.

Another new feature brought by the new iOS is the always-on voice recognition added to Siri. Instead of keeping a button pushed, users can now shout “Hey Siri” to start interacting with Apple’s digital assistant. This feature is very much similar to the “OK Google!”, a feature introduced with Android KitKat.

The problem is that users could do this on their iPhone before, by installing the free “OK Siri” tweak for iOS 5.x or above. Users can also set their preferred keyword (OK Siri is the default).

The new iOS also introduces support for third party keyboards. Users of the new OS can decide which one they prefer – they can opt for Swype or any other one they see fit. This feature was available for Android users for quite some time, and now it has finally made it on the iPhone.

Cydia had this before, though – there are tens, if not hundreds of custom keyboards a user could install on a jailbroker iPhone, including several national language keyboards, special versions for the iPad, and so on. So, again, nothing new.

Besides, there are so many other features available for previous iOS releases that were present on Android phones for a long time, and were available only as Cydia tweaks for the average iPhone user. Let’s see a quick list: quick reply for Messages (Auki and others), gestures in Mail (this was available for anyone not using Apple’s default email client in iOS), widgets in the Notification Center (tweaks exist for a great variety of these, including calendar, YouTube, Twitter, or whatever you can think of – yes, even Nyan Cat).

Apple did it again – it has presented a series of features already available for users as “innovative”. It’s a shame. I’m so embarrassed for Apple that I’m going to hide for the next few hours, making use of the Red Flush Casino Bonuses I have recently received. On a jailbroken iPhone, of course.

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