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    FBPrivacy is a new tweak that helps making Facebook’s experience much better.
    It was firstly designed to provide only privacy settings for Facebook but now it does provide many other useful options too!
    FBPrivacy works with Facebook and Messenger.


    • Unseen
    • Typing
    • Dictation
    • Timestamps
    • Enable Internal Settings
    • Send More Photos
    • Disable All Reminders
    • VOIP

    FBPrivacy also includes 2 SBSettings toggles named Unseen and Typing.. for easier enable/disable of these nice settings!
    Now I will explain each setting:

    Unseen: Read messages like normal, but others will NOT receive the “read”.

    Typing: Type a message like normal, but others will NOT see that you are typing a message.

    Dictation: When you write anything on Facebook the Siri button will exist on the keyboard and it can be used normaly. *needs Siri enabled and compatible language and device*

    Timestamps: Each message has its own timestamp.

    Enable Internal Settings: Enables Internal Settings which are located at the bottom of the left panel of Facebook.

    Send More Photos: Send more than 1 photo per message on Facebook.

    Disable All Reminders: Disables all the reminders on Messenger. (won’t work if you turn off notifications from Messenger’s Settings)

    VOIP: Enables VOIP for Facebook and Messenger.

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