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Fake GPS Pro

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    Fake GPS Pro allows you to change your iPhone’s location as you wish.

    Fake GPS is an app with which you can change your iPhone/iPad’s current location as you wish. After setting a fake location with just a long press on a map view, all location-based apps(like Facebook, Twitter, Line, Wechat, etc) on your device immediately believe you are there.

    Fake GPS Pro

    It is really a perfectly match for Facebook, Twitter, Line and other location-based apps. By changing your location, you can:

    • Protect your location privacy from people on SNS sites.
    • Get around the location specific locks that some apps put in place to prevent you from viewing content in certain regions.
    • Go where you’ve never been before, and meet people there, in a second.

    Configure from XGPS app.

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    One response to “Fake GPS Pro”

    1. Neil Chan says:

      does not work on ios8

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