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Facebook ++

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    Facebook ++ cydia tweak allows you to turn off read receipts, use the in-app messenger, save/download videos and much more!

    Facebook ++ is a fully featured tweak that allows you to modify almost all aspects of the Facebook app right from within the app.

    Facebook ++ has been built to let you experience the Facebook app your way, without having to follow the rules that Facebook lays out for you. Feature List below:

    • Copy videos to Clipboard (to paste/send later) or Save/Download to albums
    • Moved all settings into Facebook app, not the system settings.

    Privacy Settings

    • Stealth Mode – Let’s you fly under the radar, disabling read receipts, typing indicators, online status and location sharing. The ultimate in stealth operation.
    • Disable Read Receipts – Does not notify the sender of a message that you’ve viewed the message
    • Disable Typing Receipts – Does not notify the person you’re chatting with when/if you’re typing.

    Security Settings

    • Set Passcode – Enables a 4 digit code to access Facebook on startup. Also allows you to enable Touch ID to secure the Facebook.

    In App Messenger Enhancements

    • Use In App Messenger – Facebook no longer forces you to use/download their separate messenger app to chat. Allows you to get chat heads back.
    • Use Timestamp for Every Message – By default, Facebook just shows time stamp for the most recent message, this will keep timestamps visible for all messages.
    • Send Unlimited Photos – Facebook allows you to send up to 6 photos and pictures via messages. This removes that limit.
    • Disable VoIP – Facebook added VoIP to Messenger. It can use up a lot of battery life. This disables VoIP to save your battery.

    Facebook Enhancements

    • Hide Facebook App Tab Labels – Hides the top search and ‘Status’, ‘Photo’ and ‘Check In’ tabs. Gets overridden buy ‘Full Screen Mode’
    • Disable Video Auto Play – By default, Facebook will play videos. This option allows you to turn off the autoplay saving you data and bandwidth.
    • Full Screen Mode – Hides everything while scrolling through the feed. Overrides the ‘Hide Facebook App Tab Labels’
    • Graph Search – Enables the experimental but powerful Graph Search.
    • Show Video Download Button – You’re now able to copy or save videos from your news feed. This shows the button on the bottom right of each video.
    • Employee Settings – This enables a TON of additional very technical options. When enabled, it shows the ‘Internal Settings’ options at the very bottom of the Facebook settings tab.
    • Sidebar Navigator – Re-enables the classic sidebar options navigator that Facebook took out.
    • Top Bar Options – Adds ‘Friends Requests’, ‘Chat’ and ‘Notifications’ to the top bar
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      Where is it? Not in Cydia.

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