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External iPod Controls

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    3.x and 4.x
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    External iPod Controls converts your volume buttons into iPod controls. You can press your volume buttons to change the volume, but if you hold one down for a short amount of time your song will change to the next or previous song depending on the button you press.

    This will work on any iPod or iPhone with external volume buttons. It will work on all modern firmwares, anything 3.x, 4.x. works with most music playing applications (Pandora, iPod, etc.).

    There is a pause functionality also. If you quickly press the same button twice when a song is playing, it will pause. Another option (available to change in the settings) is to only change your volume buttons into media controls when your device is locked/sleep.

    There is NO application icon, the settings are in your native settings app. Please send me any complaints/suggestions for the next update. Check out the screenshots below

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