evasi0n jailbreak – China and TaiJi

I guess you all found out about the mess that the new iOS 7 jailbreak created with Taiji. Basically, if you live in China (or have your iPhone language set for Chinese), you will have TaiJi installer instead of Cydia on your fresh jailbroken device. Some people say it`s all about the money and we really believe that that`s all about it. Rumors say that evasi0n team received about 1 million dollars from the Chinese company behind TaiJi app.

Why would Chinese people want TaiJi installed instead of Cydia?

Mainly because Cydia runs English as default language, while TaiJi has…Chinese. The deal was to allow Chinese people to have access to a native language installer just “out of the box”.

TaiJi has cracked apps?

All the fuss on the internet is about piracy right now. Because on the app were some cracked App Store apps and everyone exploded. Seems that TaiJi has by default installed some repos, but those will soon be history.

If I`m not from China I will have TaiJi installed?

The answer is NO, but the source code is going to be there. If you are worried about your privacy, don`t jailbreak your iOS 7. I`m sure that more news will come up in the following days.

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