evasi0n iOS7 Jailbreak Issues

If you are having any kind of troubles with your iOS7 evasion jailbreak, this is the best place to ask them.
Please make sure you follow this topic while new issues pop out.
It is known until now that all the tweaks that require mobilesubtrate have really big issues of compatibility with the iOS 7 jailbreak, so you must really avoid that!
Seems that the evad3rs did not provided for saurik (cydia creator) any kind of update or testing with iOS 7 jailbreak, so actually you might find a lot of errors.

7 responses to “evasi0n iOS7 Jailbreak Issues”

  1. MrHydraGaming says:

    i hear that the iOS7 Cydia that evad3rs used isn’t an “official”, will both Cydia and Mobile Substrate be update from the Cydia itself or do we have to wait for a new version of the jailbreak to add them?

  2. Hamdy says:

    I have problem in cydia when i download any tools from cydia i dont find it in List settings please i need your help

  3. MrHydraGaming says:

    Also, i don’t know if anyone else or is having this issue i’m having, but after jailbreaking, after abit, my pictures get deleted and my phone runs really slow :(

  4. Brianna says:

    I am having issues jail breaking. I followed all the steps but it doesnt finish the evasion box disapears and my phone doesnt have the cydia app.

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