Esra Assistant

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    iOS Version
    5.x or more
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    Esra Assistant is the newest personal assistant for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch! It can do almost anything! Ask her yes or no questions, insult her, or even ask her out. She’s the best alternative to Siri yet! Packed with features (and more to come!)

    Esra Assistant

    • Calling
    • Texting
    • Tweeting
    • iPod
    • Conversation
    • Accurate speech recognition
    • Full iPad compatibility
    • English AND Spanish Support!
    • Wolfram Alpha*
    • Advanced comprehension (no need for specific commands!)

    Basic Usage

    • play song (plays a song for you)
    • tweet (tweets your message)
    • call (calls specified number)
    • call me (Tells Esra to call you a name)
    • show me a picture of (Esra shows you a picture)
    • Asking for the time/weather gives you time/weather