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    Envelope cydia tweak extends iOS’ native quick reply functionality to work with the Telegram Messenger.

    Simply swipe down on a banner notification or swipe left on a notification on your LockScreen or in your Notification Center to reply to a message in a quick, easy and stylish fashion.

    In case you’re curious – it also works with secret chats although that probably doesn’t really make sense as the notifications you receive from secret chats don’t contain the actual message text to read. Anyways – the more you know ;) (Uh, and group chats are obviously supported as well!)

    As there’s not much more to say about the tweak itself, I’d hereby like to thank my friends, my fellow dev colleagues, my mother and my sisters for their never ending patience when I constantly bugged them because I needed someone to spam me with messages.


    1. There are currently no options to configure. This blends in seamlessly.
    2. A reboot is required to complete the installation.
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