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    Effects+ cydia tweak adds 20 more effect filters for iOS 7 Camera and Photos app.


    12 New Filters from Core Image Filters

    • Sepia
    • Vibrance
    • Replace (Monochrome)
    • Posterize
    • Gloom
    • Bloom
    • Sharp
    • SRGB
    • Pixel (Pixellate)
    • Blur (Gaussian Blur)
    • False
    • Mirrors

    8 Photo Booth’s Filters

    • Invert (X-Ray)
    • Twirl
    • Stretch
    • Mirror
    • Triangle (Kaleidoscope)
    • Squeeze
    • Thermal
    • Light Tunnel

    Configure from Settings. Description and Developer’s notes included.

    You can manage them by enable, disable or reorder the filters in the list. (Settings > Effects+ > Select Filters)

    You can adjust the live filters list quality.

    You can set the specific parameters for each flters. (Settings > Effects+ > Filter Settings)

    You can allow the live filters list to fill the screen and auto hide the bottom bar when the filters list is showing.

    Improvement are on the way!

    Also, multiple filters is possible. I’m working on this.

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