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    DockFlow cydia tweak brings a whole new experience to your dock like NEVER before!

    This tweak gives you 10 different animations to choose from with other settings to also fine tune the way you like. The intuative dock allowsyou to have more as many icons as you want with the certain animation to give its users the excact feel the rest of your device has and at iDeviceDesigns we feel it should of came stock this way!

    Upon installation you will now have a dock that you can either leave your four icons and choose a animation or add as many desired icons in as you would like. Other settings including icon spacing, icon perspective, scrolling speed, paging, continuous scrolling and more. BarrelDock has also been teted with a few other known dock tweaks such as classic dock and springtomize and seems to be working seemlessly. Other Tweaks such as Five Icon Dock, InfiniDock ect are suggested to be removed while using this tweak.

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