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DisableLaunch Pro

  • Price
    iOS Version
    5.x or higher
    Tweak Version

    There is a free version too.
    Protect your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad by turning off the app launch. A tweak based on the free version.

    DisableLaunch Pro

    • Search Selection
    • Siri Speech
    • Bulletin List
    • Bulletin Widget
    • Better authentication with password
    • Better Specific Apps
    • Multitasking
    • Specific Apps
    • Authentication with password
    • Activator Enable/Disable

    To activate, after install tap any icon and type the email address that used to buy license. Visit DisableLaunchPro in va2ron1.com to buy the license of tweak.

    Instructions to use:
    After activate, go to Settings:
    1)Choose Activation Methods
    2)If want a Password, enable Authentication and type the passcode.
    3)The app Launch are enable, to disable/enable just use chosen Activation Methods

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