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    One great feature in iOS is that when you put iPhone near your ear during a call, the screen blacks out automatically, in case your face touches the buttons by mistake. But what doesn’t make it perfect is that if you’re not holding the phone like the proximity sensor expects, the screen stays visible, thus making it easy to mess the call. I believe everyone of you have come into this annoying situation. In my humble opinion, the screen should be turned off as soon as a call is connected, rather than let the proximity sensor decide. So here comes “DimInCall”.

    Basically, this tweak dims the screen immediately aftar a call connection is established, and you can light it up by either pressing the home or lock button, hanging up from the other side, or moving away from the phone. There’re also options that let you dim with Speaker/Headphone, and vibrate while an outgoing call is connected. DimInCall frees you from worrying about touching the buttons by accident, and makes phone call as natural and simple as it should be.

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