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    DeLe cydia tweak brings PopUp Shortcuts and Configurable send delay for SMS and iMessage!

    DeLe comes with the following features to improve your texting experience:

    • Send Delay: Set a custom 1-10 second(s) delay to give you a chance to undo tapping that Send button and edit your message.
    • Message Tools popup: As you type a unobtrusive little popup menu resembling Apple’s stock text editing menu appears right above your send button.
    • [Airplane Icon]: Quickly send your message confirming delivery without using the preset delay.
    • [Trashcan Icon]: Catch your message before it is sent and erase it completely before the delay timer runs out.
    • [Clipboard Icon]: Quickly copy whatever is composed in the text box to your clipboard to paste and edit elsewhere without highlighting and selecting all.
    • [Scissors Icon]: Quickly cut and save whatever you’ve typed to your clipboard. The text box will then be cleared and your SMS will no longer be sent. Great way to stop a message in its tracks to review later.
    • [Keyboard Icon]: On first tap the keyboard will be lowered to give your conversation view more real estate. Tap a second time and the keyboard will be removed completely allowing you to read your conversation in full screen.
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