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    This is a music player iWidget that uses info from your synced iTunes music to play your music files. The use of this widget requires an app that comes with it on install called simplePlayer.

    Once you install youll need to reboot your iPhone (if cydia did not do this for you) and then simply press the simplePlayer app once. You can then add the DB_SimplePlayer iWidget and press play for a random song from your library to play.

    The player automatically stops after each song (I did have an auto play enabled but it gets a buffering error and freezes the phone so it was taken out to allow for this.

    You can use the play/pause button on the widget to start and pause a song. Once the song is done you can press play again to hear another song.

    Lockscreen and task switcher controls will also work as in the play/pause/next buttons. After hitting next you will need to press play again either on media controls or the widget itself.

    To install this widget you need to have purchased and installed my DB iWidget Pack

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