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    Cyueue does not have its own Settings panel, nor is it an “app” (no icon).
    Cyueue modifies the Music application to add a playlist called “Cyueue” where songs get “queued” when you are already playing something else, but want to plan the song to play after.
    Note: you will not see anything change until you attempt to play a song while you are already playing another song.

    This functionality has been embedded into the Apple Music application itself: when you press a song (while already playing another song), you get a menu:

    Play Now — interrupt what you are playing, and play the item right now

    Play Next — put the item right after the current one on your upcoming queue

    Play Last — put the item at the end of your upcoming queue (after others)

    Once you get used to doing this, you can just double-tap on the left, middle, or right of the row to rapidly access Now, Next, and Later, respectively.

    After your upcoming queue is done playing, you will be returned to the songlist you were previously playing.

    The upcoming queue is exposed as a normal iPod playlist called Cyueue. This playlist is reset each time you start a new play session with Cyueue.

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