Cydia tweaks compatible with iPhone 5S

Mobile Substrate is still buggy, so very few tweaks work on A7 devices. Here it`s a temporary list of cydia tweaks compatible with iPhone 5S.

  1. AppInfo
  2. AppList
  3. Bytafont (Not really working, but fonts apply in certain spots)
  4. Cydia Installer
  5. DateCarrier – not working
  6. f.lux
  7. GBA.emu
  8. GBC.emu
  9. gpSPhone
  10. iSHSHit
  11. iBlank
  12. IPA Installer
  13. IPA Installer Console
  14. iFile
  15. iTransmission 3
  16. MD.emu
  17. MobileTerminal
  18. MxTube
  19. NES.emu
  20. RandomRing
  21. Snes9x EX
  22. Snes9x EX+
  23. SBSettings (just the app, not fully working)
  24. Wifi Passwords

Yes, I know this list is really limited – but as soon as we discover more cydia tweaks compatible with A7 devices, I will update it.

Here you can find iOS 7 compatible cydia tweaks (Not all work on A7 devices)

4 responses to “Cydia tweaks compatible with iPhone 5S”

  1. Triston says:

    Really appreciate this man

    • Ivan V8T says:

      iBlacklist works now.. SMSNinja is crashing mobile substrate, Fake operator works, 3G unrestrictor works.

  2. Berniemac8 says:

    Pandora downloader for 5s works fine… Thanks for your list!

  3. Berniemac8 says:

    And so does barrel :)

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